License Status and Conditions

THE MORTGAGE & LOAN GURU LIMITED holds a license (FSP704411), issued by the Financial Markets

Authority (FMA), to provide financial advice services.


THE MORTGAGE & LOAN GURU LIMITED (FAP) conducts its business through its Director, Jaz Bedi

(FSP624469), who is a Financial Adviser.


Jaz Bedi a Financial Adviser who specializes in providing advice and transactional solutions for clients in Home Loans and Risk Insurance. I am expert in Mortgages and Life Insurance. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or to grow your property portfolio, we are all about making it easier for you.

How we work

I work in the following manner:

We will agree on areas of advice requirements & establish the terms of our engagement.
I will get to know you and gather all necessary facts of your situation and identify your specific needs and objectives.
I will then analyze and research your circumstances & develop strategies to meet your needs & objectives. I will facilitate the application process for agreed products and services.
I will advise my recommendations & review these strategies and actions on a timely basis.
I also provide ongoing service of assisting you in managing the re-fixing of your mortgage facilities and any other related enquires you may have.


Jaz Bedi, Founding Director and Mortgage Adviser of The Mortgage & Loan Guru Ltd, Auckland started this company with a mission to help kiwis with their Mortgage & Insurance needs.
Jaz is an expert Award-Winning adviser and passionate in delivering a great customer experience, main goal is to help clients in achieving their financials and real estate goals. We just love helping first home buyers and making sure they are informed and guided at every step.

You can rely on the Best Advice:

  • Independent Expert Advice
  • Best deals –Interest rates & tailored structures to save interest costs
  • Risk Insurance Specialist
  • Relationship & Personalized service
  • First Home Byers with Low Deposit – 5 % (First Home loan- Kainga Ora)
  • Refinance/ Refix
  • Construction loans
TMLGuru believes that the key to doing well financially is knowing that money can work for or against us and that we have a choice which way it goes. He is passionate about helping people make the right financial choices by educating them (without being too boring!) about money matters and risks. No sales pitch, no up- sells, no scare tactic; arming clients with easy-to-understand information is his forte.
TMLGuru deals with all the major and Non- Bank Lenders.
























Duties of the Financial Markets Conduct Act to:

  • Meet the standards of competence, knowledge and skill set out in the Code of Conduct
  • Give priority to the clients’ interests and
  • To exercise care, diligence, and skill in regard to the advice we provide and
  • Meet the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct, and client care set out in the Code of Conduct.
You can find more information by contacting us or visiting the Financial Markets Authority website at

Scope of Service and Engagement

We do everything, we can to make property easier, we will guide at every step.
You will get expert advice on how much you can borrow, and the best mortgage structure.
We will help you make the right property decisions, with exceptional experience, information and insights.
Once you have found the property for you, we will guide you through doing your due diligence. We highly recommend talking legal advice before you sign any legal contract.
As part of providing mortgage advice, we will also review your insurance needs –Life, Trauma, TPD, Mortgage Repayment Cover/ Income Protection and Health Cover.
Buying a property is a big financial commitment and it’s hard to be relaxed about it. We only work for you, not the bank and not the real estate agent. Your Interest is our priority.
We are pretty good at what we do, most of our business comes from clients Referrals.
How we get paid
In the normal course of business, we usually paid an upfront commission directly by the provider and in some cases an additional trailing commission over the life of the loan or insurance policy. Commission are typically calculated as a percentage of the loan value or issued insurance premium at a rate that can vary by the provider.
The commissions are between 0.55% and 0.88% of the initial mortgage balance or amount funded. We may/will also receive 0.15 % to 0.20 % of the mortgage balance on each anniversary. Some of the banks pay $ 150 for Refixing the existing Mortgage and some banks pay Trail commission.
A full schedule of all providers and their commission rates is available upon request. We may also receive a share of commission on the Insurance of a risk Insurance policy.
Commission from Insurance Provider (AIA, Cigna and Partner’s Life) 100 % to 200% of the total annual premium. I will also receive 5% to 10% of each year’s premiums (Depending upon the Insurance company) for as long as the policy remains in force.

Clawback Recovery fee

If the loan is repaid within 27 months of settlement (the ‘Clawback Period), TMLGURU may have some or all the original upfront commission ‘clawed back’ by the provider. To ensure the TMLGuru is fairly compensated for the services originally provided to you, we may see to recover some or all of cost from you via a clawback recovery fee.
TMLGURU have a right to Invoice you $ 1000+ GST (admin fees) plus $ 200 per hour for the number of hours spent on getting you a pre-approval.
Examples of when we charge you a clawback fee include:

·      The property is refinanced within the clawback period and TMLGURU was not given the opportunity to arrange the Refinance.

·      The property is sold and the loan is repaid within the clawback period.


Most of the Insurance companies have a 24 month claw period which means if the Insurance policy has been cancelled before 24 months, TMLGuru will need to pay back their portion of their commission depending upon the Insurance Company. TMLGuru have a right to Invoice you $ 1000+ GST (admin fees) plus $ 200 per hour for the number of hours spent on your application.

Admin fees – Change of Broker after approval

After getting the conditional approval, if you change your mind and wanted to deal with a different broker or directly with the bank, we have a right to Invoice you $ 1000+ GST (admin fees) plus $ 200 per hour for the number of hours spent on getting you a pre-approval.

Service fees for Private lenders/ Non-Bank Lenders

If we are applying through a private lender/2nd Tier lenders we can charge the 1% Brokerage fees of the loan amount. We may reduce our fees for existing clients.

Your Obligations

Any advice or product implementation provided as a result of this needs analysis can only be as good as the information received from you so I ask that you provide me with the information I request. Without relevant and correct information about your personal and financial situation I run the risk of giving advice that is not appropriate for your needs. If you are unsure as to why I need certain information please ask so that I can explain.

Privacy Act

    • It is understood that any information gathered for this needs analysis is personal and I undertake to keep this information confidential and secure.
    • The Privacy Act 2020 gives you the right to request access to and correction of your personal information.
    • Information provided by you and or any authorized agent will be used by me and any members of my staff for the purpose of providing advice to you and may also be used by any: a) product or service provider when implementing any of my/our recommendations or variations thereof; b) compliance advisers, assessors or by any claims investigators who may need access to such information; and c) other professionals such as solicitors, accountants, finance brokers, financial planners when such services are required to complement this advice and as requested by you.
Disclaimer / Please note –We don’t give any guarantee that loan will definitely be approved rather we act on your behalf and can submit multiple applications to get a great deal. Loan approval will be based on Income, Expenses, Debts, Savings history, Account conduct & credit Criteria applies****.


If you are not satisfied with my service, you can make a complaint through the following methods:
  • By logging into the Trail client portal and pressing on the “Make a Complaint” button on the bottom right of the page.
  • By contacting me directly
  • By sending an email to JAZ BEDI on [email protected]
Once we receive a complaint, we follow an internal procedure to ensure we address the issue. Our process will:
  • By logging into the Trail client portal and pressing on the “Make a Complaint” button on the bottom right of the page.
  • By contacting me directly
  • By sending an email to JAZ BEDI on [email protected]
  • Inform you how we will address the complaint
  • Gather any information that will help us resolve the complaint
  • Aim to resolve the complaint within 10 working days.
  • If we cannot resolve the complaint within this timeframe, we will update you regarding the next steps.
If you are not satisfied with how we addressed or resolved your complaint, you can contact the Financial Services Complaint Limited. They are an independent dispute resolution service that costs you nothing to use and will help us resolve any disagreements or finalise outstanding complaints.
Their contact details are:
Financial Services Complaint Limited
Address: ADDRESS POBox5967 Lambton Quay Wellington6145 Telephone number: PHONE NUMBER 0800347257, 044723725
Email address: EMAIL [email protected]


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